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A pilot research project was undertaken, the results of which were used to identify some of the key benefits identified by participants taking part in the project. The data would also be used to allow participants to recount their experiences of the project in their own words. Two of the names of the interviewees have been changed at their request.

Inspiring Success Stories


"I came and started inputting and learning how to use the phones and then it’s progressed from there for me. I’ve been quite fortunate in what I’ve been able to do while I’ve been here."

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"If a prisoner can get a volunteer job working for a Citizens Advice Bureau and Law Centre it looks very good that under the circumstances you’ve tried to not only better yourself, but that a professional organisation has given you this sort of opportunity, so that’s why I chose it."

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"The best parts of it was helping people again. Obviously you can’t help everyone, but it’s being put in a position where you can make a difference hopefully to someone’s life. "

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