Does Providing Offenders with Debt Advice Have an Impact on Life After Prison?

Written by Johanna Rosser and Bethany Onions

This piece of research focused on assessing the impact of the work completed by Access2Advice on the lives of offenders. The research has identified any successful or unsuccessful aspects of this work and most importantly outlines the differences the work makes to the lives of offenders. To conduct this research, a number of Access2Advice participants were contacted and completed a questionnaire about the help they had received.


Former participants of Access2Advice answered our questionnaire about the debt advice they had received. This led to the following results;

  • 79% of participants felt that they understood money better after receiving help.
  • 68% of participants felt that Access2Advice helped organise their money and finances.
  • 68% of participants felt less stressed about money.
  • 63% of participants felt that their overall life had improved after receiving help.
  • 57% of participants felt more stable and secure personally after receiving help.

To read the full report and detailed analysis of the results

Download the full report here.

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