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Mission Statement

An innovative Community Interest Company that aims to offer effective support to disadvantaged members of the local community and is passionate about assisting offenders to ‘break the cycle of re-offending’ by offering training and work placements that improves skills and qualifications, which in turn improves confidence and motivation to gain employment.


Access2Advice has a robust Equality and Diversity policy that informs all areas of the project. Our recruitment process is open and we aim to reflect the diverse population of the local area and the prisoners in the prisons where we operate. The success of our completely transparent and non-discriminatory selection processes are evidenced within the statistical where the scheme consistently shows a 10% higher BME offenders than seen in House of Commons national prison population figures for England and Wales.



Access2Advice is a sustainable organisation that has maintained the provision of its valuable service through successful funding bids and contract awards. These awards are evidence of the success of the project and the clear value the project is seen to have for the individuals who benefit from the training offered and to the community, who benefit from reduced re-offending.




Access2Advice is an innovative company that looks to improve the project by being flexible and recognising where improvements can be made. The development of the workplace passport to improve the employment prospects of ex-offenders by enabling them to show that they have gained workplace skills and that these skills have been assessed by a qualified.

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We are registered by the Financial Conduct Authority. registration number FRN 746720