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Training For Prisoners

The Access2Advice project itself has been funded via HM Prison & Probation Service Co-financing Organisation (CFO), as part of the CFO3 programme. CFO3 utilises European Social Fund monies to move individuals in custody and the community closer to the labour market.
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Financial Capability Training.


At Access2Advice, we understand how overwhelming and stressful it can be to have debts, no matter how big or small they may be. This financial strain can often cause confusion and panic, as many people may not know how to overcome them.


Our Financial Capability training allows participants to work on their money management skills, as well as learning about essential budgeting. This training is offered and delivered to both in-cell and community participants who are referred to us by their CFO3 case managers. Our specialist financial capability trainer supports the participants during their training and monitors their progress to ensure they benefit from the packs. At the end of the program, the participants are awarded with a certificate of completion.The training pack provides the participants with an opportunity to understand the importance of budgeting, in addition to learning financial capability skills for income and expenditure through various engaging activities.


We have found this program to be successful in contributing towards our participants’ personal development and have received positive feedback. They have “enjoyed the course” while also allowing them to “think about the importance of budgeting and planning”. Participants are able to make the best out of their financial situation and apply their skills and knowledge to future situations.


Our courses all are Vocational & Educational Training packages. This means that participants will receive >31hrs guided learning. This can take place within our network of Accredited Learning Centres or within locations chosen by our partners by way of a Satellite Centre.

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We are registered by the Financial Conduct Authority. registration number FRN 746720