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What volunteering means to us?

Volunteering is central to what we are and do. We want to do the best we can to support and
value volunteers that work with us.
We believe that volunteering is a really important and exciting thing to do, and we want to make
sure as many people as possible get the chance to do it. Volunteering enables people to:

  • develop skills and interests
  •  be part of their community
  •  meet new people and learn about other people’s lives
  • change their lives for the better
  • develop confidence and a sense of personal fulfilment

 How we want to involve volunteers at Access2Advice?

We want to involve volunteers in what we do so they can contribute:

  • ideas and innovations
  •  skills and expertise
  • passion and enthusiasm
  •  a different and unique perspective

We always try to:

  •  involve volunteers in tasks they find interesting and stimulating
  •  offer opportunities that are flexible, making sure they match your interests and skills as
    well as helping us deliver the work our customers want from us

Helping you learn and get the most out of your volunteering.

In your one to one you will talk about any learning you need. In the first few weeks there may be
lots to learn, but learning is ongoing and we want to support you throughout your time here.

When we can, we will provide opportunities for you to go on training courses and events that you
are interested in, and that are relevant to your volunteering role.

We will also be able to offer job-shadowing, tips on getting jobs in the sector and useful contacts
if this is something you are interested in.

Thank you!