Having been through training our people are well skilled and appreciate the value of reliability, punctuality, quality of work and being part of a team. As a result of their experience and the barriers to employment they face, ex-offenders frequently make the best employees. This results in employees who show determination, commitment and loyalty which are considerable assets to any employer.

Another benefit for employers is to show their commitment to corporate social responsibility. In order to improve society we all need to work together. Re-offending is not only expensive in financial terms (£9.5 – £13 billion per year, MoJ 2013) it is also expensive in terms of detrimental personal experience for those who are the victims of crime and also for the offender who appears to be unable to break the cycle of re-offending.

By offering employment to one of our project participants you will helping to remove one of the key factors that cause re-offending and help to make a new start.

If you are interested in employing one of our people please send an enquiry using the form below: