Our Support

Our Support

We offer a number of services

to assist offenders to

‘Break the Cycle of Re-offending’.

Voluntary Work

Our voluntary work taster training provides real life work experiences to enable participants to regain a positive attitude to work and to update their skills. We gain understanding of the need for our voluntary work tater sessions by working with and listening to our 6 Voluntary Sector partners, our 1337 beneficiaries, our experienced frontline staff and wider stakeholders across the criminal justice system.


Persons in need can seek independent impartial advice to help them deal with fundamental issues such as debt, welfare benefits and housing. Our ability to access experienced specialist caseworkers allows individuals to have one-to-one specialist advice that can make a huge difference to those experiencing difficulties.


We offer one-to-one support to assist in important transitional meetings such as appointments for housing, benefits or employment. This can ensure that the voice of the person in need is heard and also develops their confidence to deal with matters independently.


The development of mentoring services offers benefits in a number of ways. Firstly, it offers comprehensive training that can be of benefit when seeking paid employment. Secondly, it allows individuals to help others both inside and outside prison, which not only develops their own self-esteem and confidence, but allows some degree of community payback. Mentoring and offering support to offenders when they leave prison has been shown to have a positive effect on reducing recidivism.

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