Next Steps for Access2Advice

Next Steps

A2A has built, and will continue to build good relationships with all stakeholders. Given the grant funding application and tendering processes for deliverable contracts, A2A has sought to build those relationships by building a sound reputation for delivery. That reputation for delivering outputs and outcomes – sometimes in difficult and changing environments – has been underpinned by the company's values and gives customers an assurance that A2A is a “safe pair of hands” in which to entrust project delivery.

Service Strategy

This strategy will be undertaken in two phases during 2018/2019 to ensure it is undertaken in a timely manner.

1. To undertake and in depth review of Access2Advice’s (A2A), current marketing, communication business and corporate strategy and create a Marketing and Communication plan based on the intended corporate and business strategy for the next 3 to 5 years – (Phase 1)

2. To outline how A2A will develop and maintain effective internal and external communications in order to meet its aims and the aspirations and needs of its members and stakeholders. (Phase 1)

3. To ensure all aspects of A2A’s work relating to equality and diversity are embedded in the Plan and reflected in its on-going communications to stakeholder groups. (Phase 1)

4. To consider the reassessment of A2A’s strategic direction and structure and to ensure the Plan remains consistent with these – particularly relating to A2A’s core aims, its mission and its stakeholder needs today and in the future. (Phase 1)

5. To ensure communications support the diverse nature of A2A’s stakeholders and to promote a vibrant and active organisation that exemplifies and furthers A2A’s objectives – perhaps increasing engagement/connectivity, collaboration and capacity. (Phase 2)

6. To have this strategy promoted and implemented across A2A’s organisation and to have it act as a model for marketing and communications good practice within the networks as well as the wider third sector generally (Phase 2).

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